Course Anti-Arachnophobia

Course Anti-Arachnophobia

Fear of spiders? Would you like to get rid of your phobia once and for all? The H.E.R.P. can help you out!


The H.E.R.P. provides introductory sessions and anti-arachnophobia courses at your home.


Over a period of 2-3 hours you will be pleasantly and slowly exposed to visual and emotional stimuli that can help you overcome your fear of spiders completely.


During the session, photos, exoskeleton molts and live specimens are used to gradually get used to the presence of everyone's favorite eight-legged housemates.


The session has a relaxed introductory meeting and runs entirely according to your pace. It is therefore no problem to interrupt, pause or split up the session in different visits.


Interested or more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!


2-3 hours, longer sessions are possible and on request.



On request


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The H.E.R.P. is the first educational centre in Belgium on Herpetofauna and Arthropoda...


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