Training for Pet Stores

Training for Pet Stores

The H.E.R.P. provides specialized trainings for shop assistants and professionals in Pet Stores.


For example, we offer terrarium training courses aimed at the responsible keeping and selling of herpetofauna in shops.


The basis of the course for shop clerks can always be adjusted in view of the ultimate goal that one wants to achieve. This means that you as a customer can steer and emphasize on certain subjects of the course, as well as discuss the duration and depth of the course with us beforehand. In this way we can provide you or your clientele with tailor-made training, specified to your store and stock.


After completing the course your clientele can be subjected to an examination. This allows you to evaluate the training. All students will all be included in our database of approved Store Employees/Reptile Stores.


This specific terrarium keeping course is always kept up-to-date and adapted to new developments.


The lessons and lectures are given by true specialists in the field.


Our course on terrarium keeping has the following subjects:


-Exotic animals as pets in our society

An introductory chapter that sheds light on the development and current state of the terrarium hobby.


- Introduction to the Biology of Herpetofauna

An introduction to a better understanding of the biology, anatomy and physiology of reptiles and amphibians.


- Housing & care of Herpetofauna

All aspects of the care and housing of reptiles and amphibians are being explored. From setting up a suitable terrarium to selecting food and equipment, everything is discussed in detail and also partly species-specific. This section can be adjusted specifically to your stock!


- Correct handling of cold-blooded animals

The students are, after a theoretical part, brought into 'hands-on' contact with all kinds of cold-blooded animals. Proper handling and transport techniques as well as stress prevention are essential subjects.


- Diseases: recognition and prevention

The most common diseases are discussed as well as how they can be recognized and avoided at an early stage. In addition, first aid in cold-blooded animals and hygiene in and around the terrarium is explained.


- Most common species in captivity

Here the cold-blooded animal species that are currently in the exotic animal trade are discussed and the emphasis is placed on the correct naming, recognition and identification of these species.


- National and international legislation

In this section an image is formed about the legislation on the keeping and trading of exotic animals.


- Inform and sensitize the customer

This section shows how best to approach customers or new hobbyists with information about the correct housing of a specific animal species and how best to grow within the terrarium hobby.



- Exam

After completing a full-fledged course, the course participants can be subjected to an oral or written exam. With this exam the effectiveness of the course is put to the test. This is done to acquire usefull information for our organization to keep on improving our services OR can serve as usefull feedback for the student!


- Powerpoint presentation

The powerpoint presentations, which are used during the duration of the course, can be delivered to the students in advance or during the lessons.

This is usually done by e-mail. One can also opt to obtain printed slides at the beginning of each lesson.


- Syllabus

For a course in terrarium keeping for shop clerks, you can choose to purchase a syllabus at the start of the course. This syllabus can be adapted to your own requirements and will serve as a great go-to book when customers have questions regarding the animals in store.


- Caresheets, Info booklets and Info stickers

The H.E.R.P. can also provide your store with caresheets, information booklets and information stickers. These are made on request and by species and can be ordered when you register for the terrarium course. Shops or retail chains without interest in the course can also purchase these caresheets, information booklets and information stickers (see: Services)



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