A few times a year, the H.E.R.P. organizes herpetological expeditions. These expeditions take us  to every corner of the world. The purpose of these expeditions is to track down and admire the most iconic animal species  the destination has to offer. Although the emphasis lies on  herpetofauna, we also keep an eye out for other interesting fauna & flora. During the trips we often visit or aid local projects that protect or study the animals we're looking for.

Where and When?

The H.E.R.P. aims to organize multiple expeditions to different destinations each year. These trips are open for anyone who's interested! No academic background or experience is needed to accompany us to these exotic destinations and  admire its exotic fauna or to contribute to different (often herpetologically flavoured) projects on location. This allows everyone to get the chance to do fieldwork, assist in ongoing research, aid in animal rescue operations or enjoy some hard-core herping on the best locations!

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November 2019

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During our  expeditions we often cooperate with local research teams, rescue centers, laboratories or zoological institutions. The animals we find are often measured, sampled, tagged or photographed for the purpose of ongoing research subjects, the education of  local communities or the general protection of the local fauna and flora. We may also take part in the activities of a rescue center,  get a look behind the scenes in different laboratories or  offer a hand on setting up new projects.

Visiting nature and traveling is done with the smallest possible ecological footprint and with the least possible negative impact on the local macro- and microhabitats. We usually stay in ecolodges, in the centers we visit  or even in  remote forest camps!

No worries! Our expeditions are not at all monotonous! In addition to searching for reptiles, we also visit research centers, do some diving, target cool mammals or birds,  go on long hikes or even go white water rafting to reach more remote locations!

Previous Expeditions

The H.E.R.P. has been active in the following regions:

Belgium - Holland - Germany - Austria - France - Spain - ‎England - ‎Scotland - Slovenia - Croatia - Italy - Greece - ‎Tenerife - Bali - ‎Komodo - ‎Rinca - ‎Flores - ‎Thailand - ‎India - Egypt - ‎Sinai - ‎Morocco - ‎Uganda - South Africa - Swaziland - USA - Nicaragua - ‎Costa Rica - ‎Venezuela - ‎Brazil - Iran

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