Herpetological Education & Research Project



The H.E.R.P. is the first educational center in Belgium that focuses on Herpetofauna and Arthropoda.

Our project organizes guest lessons, practical courses, expeditions, exhibitions and workshops on cold-blooded animals and provides courses for both individuals and professionals on the correct keeping of cold-blooded animals in captivity.

Our goal? Simple ...

Contribute to the general knowledge about Herpetofauna and Arthropoda.

Improve the condition of these animal groups, both in the wild and in captivity.

And this by organizing all sorts of activities and services!

Courses & Training


One of the most coveted activities of the H.E.R.P. are the high-quality courses and training sessions. Every year several courses with several different subjects are organized, such as Terrariumology, Handling of Venomous Animals and Terrascaping. The H.E.R.P. also customizes courses for shop keepers, animal caretakers and emergency services.



Workshops for Kids


In addition to our activities for adults, our children's departments organize many fun workshops! Children and adolescents will learn a lot about the world of arthropods or reptiles and amphibians with a visit from ReptiSchool or BugSchool. Our teams are happy to visit your little one's school or birthday party with some amazing species! Our summer camps, in collaboration with IdeeKids, are also very popular!

Helpdesk & Advice


Do you have questions about keeping reptiles and amphibians? Need advice on where to go with a found reptile, amphibian or arthropod? Oblivious on where to find a suitable veterinarian for your exotic pet? Then contact our active helpdesk!


About H.E.R.P.

The H.E.R.P. is the first educational centre in Belgium on Herpetofauna and Arthropoda...


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E-mail: info@herp.be

Tel.: +32 472.93.97.73


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Sponsors & Partners

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Expositions & Castings


Unique animal species are our specialty! Would you like to display or cast some interesting species of reptiles, amphibians or arthropods for your event, photo or film project? The H.E.R.P. provides animal-friendly castings and exhibitions tailored to your needs!




The H.E.R.P. organizes different expeditions to all kinds of exotic destinations every year. These public expeditions are specially designed with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to contribute to conservation, research projects or to observe rare and unique species of herpetofauna in the wild.


Lectures & Practical Courses


The H.E.R.P. provides lectures on Herpetofauna and Arthropoda in universities, colleges and associations. We can also provide interesting handling practicals and animal care training programs for veterinary students and veterinary assistants or lectures on the exotic animal trade for biology students.