Adoption & Relocation

Adoption & Relocation

Relocating a Reptile?


Found a reptile and do not know what to do? Do you have a reptile that you can no longer take care of? Do not hesitate to contact us! With an attached photo we can quickly tell you which animal species it concerns. We can also guide you in taking the necessary steps to correctly relocate the animal or look for a proper candidate for adoption. We will happily help you or refer to the correct addresses.



Turtle Rescue


The H.E.R.P. personally contributes a bit to the increasing 'Turtle Problem' in Europe.

Turtles are dumped in our natural ecosystems every day. This usually has severe consequences, not only for the animals, but also for our natural systems! Water turtles affect our ecosystem by predisposing protected and threatened animals, as well as disrupting the prevailing balance in our biotopes. Aamphibians, for example, have fewer chances to survive and to breed, while birds are often chased away from their usual breeding grounds.


The increasingly cheap water turtle species cause a strong increase in impulse purchases. Larger specimens are difficult to maintain and almost untenable in aquariums. Many people then make the decision to get rid of the animal and dump it in natural streams, ponds or city parks ... where the animals do more harm than good. Water turtles are among the most dumped animals in our the world. For many years this has caused an excess of water turtles in both specialized and non-specialized rescue centers and zoos.


Relocating a turtle is not easy either. It is of course very important that the animal does not end up in the same situation!

If you have found a turtle or you can no longer provide your own turtle with the necessary care, you can contact us.


The H.E.R.P. has a 'Rescue pond' and 'Rescue pen' where dumped or unwanted turtles and tortoises can thrive. Upon arrival all animals are registered and a picture is taken of the animal in question.


The delivery of a found or unwanted turtle or tortoise is accompanied by a placement fee of € 15 per animal. This amount is used to provide the animal with the necessary food during it's stay and funds the search for a new and appropriate home.



- Our pond is not a bottomless pit! We can only accommodate a maximum number of animals at all times. Before you can make an appointment, check the availabilit in our pond at the bottom of this page. At FREE you can make an appointment via our contact page. At FULL, we can not offer your aquatic turtle (Trachemys sp.) a proper place to stay. Is it an unusual species? If so, you can check the possibilities via our contact form.


- Due to the hibernation period of our foster animals, it is NOT possible to relocate new animals from NOVEMBER to MAY.



Want to Adopt?


The H.E.R.P. is always looking for suitable adoption candidates for her dumped and found turtles. Adopting a water turtle is completely FREE of charge. If you wish to apply for adopting a turtle, you can register via e-mail.


To be able to adopt a water turtle, you must comply with the following conditions:


- You have a large pond where the animals can stay during the warmer months. This pond also has a sufficiently large land area where the animals have easy access to sunbathe.


OR you have a large indoor housing (for example an indoor pond) which has the necessary equipment to house the animal in a correct and spacious manner. Note: an aquarium is in many cases too small to provide these animals with a good habitat. These animals are often too large to keep in an average aquarium. For this reason, no turtles are relocated to candidates who only have an aquarium (smaller than 1.50 m long) available.


- Your pond has no ecological value and is well secured. The turtles must therefore be completely isolated from native, protected animals such as waterfowl, amphibians and reptiles.


- You are aware of the care and basic needs of these animals.


- You have an appropriate solution for the animals during the winter months.


- You have no intention to resell the animals afterwards or use them for breeding.



Animals can, depending on the region and provided compensation (€ 0.30 / km) be picked up / brought by us.


Thanks for your help!


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