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Positive List Flanders


The upcoming positive list in Flanders is a hot topic and grasps the interest of many hobbyists and biologists. Keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets is becoming increasingly popular in our society and this has its consequences. Keeping exotic animals is for many an incredible hobby and important refuge from the daily hustle and bustle. Others attach enormous emotional value to the presence of their modern companion or enjoy observing natural behavior in a natural set-up. In addition, a select group of experienced specialists are indispensable for the ex-situ conservation of different species and scientists are given easy access to different types of herpetofauna by making use of the exotic animal trade.


Many agree: the terrarium hobby is not only a matter of trouble and gloom! On the contrary, it has taken an important position in the daily lives of many.

Yet ... one can not be naive! The negative aspects of the hobby can not be underestimated. The terrarium hobby has forced many species to the brink of extinction. In addition, the hobby causes a huge amount of animal suffering. Although the community around the keeping of these animals is getting stronger and the knowledge about keeping these animals is getting richer, impulse purchases of animals remain a big problem. The ever lower prices, increasing supply of different, new species and accessibility to purchase them play a major role in this. All this has to change, that is clear. But how?


A positive list is coming. It can no longer be avoided. A strict positive list is, to our opinion, not the best solution. But ... a flexible application of a positive list can be a good tool to tackle these problems and while limiting the restrictions on the hobby. The H.E.R.P. therefore calls for a flexible positive list with the possibility to provide an exception to experienced hobbyists.


The H.E.R.P. tries, together with other Flemish specialists and organizations, to seek a 'golden mean' for this problem in order to help better the lives of reptiles and amphibians, both in the wild and in captivity.


Are you Flemish and would you like to stay informed on the developments in the positive list? Would you like to discuss the positive list or contribute to a possible compromise?

Then visit our Facebook group 'Discussiegroep Positieflijst Vlaanderen' and register!

Research Database


The H.E.R.P. functions as a database for information regarding the keeping of reptiles and amphibians in our society.

Today, the information regarding the growth and development of the terrarium hobby is scarce. This means that many authorities have a hard time grasping its current development and general size.

To improve the condition of captive animals and in order to maintain this hobby, the H.E.R.P. is committed to gather as much information as possible on the growth of the sector.

This information can then be requested free of charge from our database.


And you?


Of course, the H.E.R.P. can use your help.

Have you written a master's thesis or essay related to the sector or do you have an ongoing research that might interest us?

Did you start a survey with the aim of learning more about the current state of the terrarium hobby?


If this is the case, we kindly ask you to share your findings with us.

After all, your research can mean a piece of the puzzle in finding a solution to safeguard the hobby or improve the state of life of cold-blooded animals kept in captivity.


Of course the author is not forgotten and the H.E.R.P. does not take credit for external research.


If you have any useful information regarding the growth of the sector, the sale / import / export of different amphibians and reptiles, the current situation of the terrarium hobby, which species are kept and in what quantities, ... you can always work with us by contacting us via the Contact tab.


Thank you for your efforts and cooperation!


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