We are currenlty working on the following topics:

- Ecomorphology of Anguimorph lizards

- Ecology and ecomorphology of aquatic snakes

- North African Snake venoms

!! We are always on the look-out for specimens or samples that might help add to our data !!

Do you have any dead lizards or snakes that you wish to donate?

Do you keep any species of North African venomous snakes?

Please let us know!

Side Projects:

Research Database

The H.E.R.P. functions as a database for information regarding the keeping of reptiles and amphibians in our society.

Today, the information regarding the growth and development of the terrarium hobby is scarce. This means that many authorities have a hard time grasping its current development and general size.

To improve the condition of captive animals and in order to maintain this hobby, the H.E.R.P. is committed to gather as much information as possible on the growth of the sector.

This information can then be requested free of charge from our database.

And you?

Have you written a master's thesis or essay related to the sector or do you have an ongoing research that might interest us?

Did you start a survey with the aim of learning more about the current state of the terrarium hobby?

Send us an e-mail and share your findings!

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation!


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