Captive Management of Herpetofauna

Our course on the Captive Management of Herpetofauna makes you a first-class herpetoculturist!

Are you a starting reptile keeper, a seasoned hobbyist or interested in starting off with herpetoculture?

Then this course is for you! You can register from the age of 16.

The course is dynamic, taught with an eye for interaction and discussion, has both a theoretical and a practical part and provided to you by real specialists!

During the course you will learn how to build and maintain a terrarium, how to properly house cold-blooded animals, what you should pay attention to when handling and transporting them and how to deal with the current legislation. The entire course is taught on 2 separate, full days. At the end of the second day of the course you will take a short exam, after which you will receive a certificate. A nice extra on your resume!

This course is also accompanied by a beautiful syllabus.

This complete guide is given to every student at the start of the course! Even after the training, this complete piece of work will one day come in handy!

The Subjects

- Special animals as pets in our society

An introductory chapter that sheds light on the development and current state of the terrarium hobby.

- Introduction to the Biology of Herpetofauna

An introduction to the biology, anatomy and physiology of reptiles and amphibians.

- Housing & Care

Everything from husbandry to the selection of food and equipment, everything is discussed in detail.

- Correct handling of cold-blooded animals

Hands-on contact with live animals! Learn how to handle and transport reptiles and amphibians correctly.

- Disorders: recognition and prevention

The most common conditions, as well as how to recognize and avoid them at an early stage.

- Most common species in captivity

Which species dominate the hobby, what are some suitable starter animals and how to keep them in a correct way.

- National and international legislation

Everything about the legislation on keeping and trading of exotic animals.



*excluding BTW

Next Edition:

12 December

& 19 December 2020

This is including:

- 2 full days of course (10:00-17:00)

- Syllabus

- Pens & paper

- Lunch

Europahotel Gordunakaai 59 in Ghent

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