Training for Emergency Services

The H.E.R.P. provides a one-day training for emergency services.

This training is suitable for both firefighters and police officers.

During the course, the attendees are trained in the safe handling of exotic animals. They are taught how to easily track down, recognize and safely catch escaped reptiles during interventions.

During the course, emphasis is placed on the legislation surrounding the keeping and trade of exotic animals, as well as identifying exotic and native species and potentially dangerous animals.

During the training, one also learns how best to approach and catch reptiles, as well as which material can be used to move and transport animals in a safe way.

The training usually lasts 8 hours, but can be adjusted as desired. The lessons are always didactically supported with a PowerPoint presentation. A comprehensive syllabus can also be provided for each student, which can perfectly serve as a reference work after the course.

During the training,everyone is given the opportunity to practice with a range of live animals.

Our course for Emergency Services contains the following standard topics:

- Exotic animals as pets in our society

An introductory chapter on the current state of the terrarium hobby.

- Introduction to the Biology of Herpetofauna & Arthropoda

An introduction to some important biological, anatomical and physiological features.

- Recognizing Herpetofauna and Arthropoda

Learning to recognize the difference between dangerous and harmless animals is crucial!

- Correct handling of cold-blooded animals

The students are brought into "hands-on" contact with all kinds of cold-blooded animals.

- National and international legislation

The keeping and trading of exotic animals is strictly regulated. Police officers also learn how to carry out a global check on these regulations during interventions.


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