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Are you a private keeper with questions about the correct husbandry of certain animals?

Do you have any problems with your animal?

Questions about the legislation?

Do you have an unwanted reptile in your home?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

The H.E.R.P. offers assistance to emergency services in tracking down and capturing escaped pet reptiles free of charge and offers free advice by e-mail and telephone to private keepers.


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Going pro?

Help & Advice

Need help setting up your terrariums in the store?
Or would you like to give professionally prepared, ready-to-use information sheets to your new customers?
We are happy to help you with our products and advice.

Caresheets, info stickers & information booklets:

There is nothing like sending your customer home with complete and accurate information about their new purchase.

A caresheet or information booklet from the H.E.R.P. is species-specific, complete and up-to-date! You can find everything about the ideal housing dimensions, the best set-up, optimal temperature and humidity, necessary equipment and much more.

In short, they are the ideal 'take home messages' for your brand new customer.

Our tank stickers are also a real eye-catcher for every terrarium in the store.

The H.E.R.P. has already drawn up info on a whole series of species! Ready for use.
Not the species you were looking for? Let us know ... We'll make it work.

We've got you covered!


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