Picture by Billy Billay

The H.E.R.P. usually organizes educational and conservational activities, but occasionally also offers animal-friendly castings. These two important factors are not often guaranteed during film productions and photo shoots with animals. This is unfortunate... and can be devastating for both the animals and for you as a creative producer.

We guarantee that all of our castings will be completely animal-friendly and safe. A guarantee that makes us your first contact in Belgium if you need cold-blooded animals for your film, photo or art project.

Various casting companies, event agencies, production houses, photographers and TV studios have already called on our service to use one of our 50+ exotic animals for their project.

And the results are stunning!

All of our animals are easy and safe to work with and always accompanied by expert guides. They will guide you in working with the animals, as well as ensure that the casting is carried out safely and completely animal-friendly.

If necessary, an appropriate decor, suitable housing or display terrarium can be provided to display or photograph / film the animals in.


Pictures of our animals suitable for casting as well as prices are available through e-mail.