Courses & Training

Courses & Training

The H.E.R.P. provides specialized courses and training for shop assistants, animal handlers, private keepers and emergency services. These are organized several times a year or can be organized on request.

For example, we offer terrarium courses for beginning hobbyists, as well as courses aimed at the responsible and correct selling of herpetofauna in shops.

Emergency services such as police and fire departments are trained to efficiently localize reptiles, recognize them and safely catch them.

Afraid of snakes or spiders? Follow a course to get rid of your phobia!

The courses are taught by true specialists in the field and are supported with didactic material, a syllabus and 'hands-on' contact with live animals.

Our courses:

Specialize yourself and follow our course Animal Care: Herpetofauna. Enhance your knowledge on biology, legislation, current products, terrarium construction and receive a certificate.

During a nature walk in the mountains, a trip through a tropical rainforest or a bivouac in the desert, snakes are never far away ... Ophidiophobia is an unwelcome guest on these trips... Get rid of it in just one session!

Venomous snakes are fascinating but potentially dangerous animals. Learn about the physiological reactions to different toxins, first aid in snake bites and handling venomous snakes.

More interest in arthropods? Our entomologists will immerse you in their knowledge during our course Animal Care: Arthropoda.

This course will help you transform your shop in an 'Example'. It will also aid professional animal handlers in pet shops or shop keepers to provide their customers with the correct service and information.

Naturally setting up a terrarium is not easy. Learn the tricks of the trade in our Terrascaping course.

Arachnophobia can be a difficult handicap during everyday chores ... Get rid of it in just one session with our professional guidance.

Emergency services are confronted with exotic animals increasingly often. Learn how to deal with such situations in our course for emergency services.


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