Caresheets & Info Booklets

If you want to provide the species you are offering for sale with some correct and concise care information, you can rely on the caresheets, info booklets and info stickers of the H.E.R.P.

The H.E.R.P. supplies complete caresheets and info stickers per species and can also design information booklets for you to give to your potential or brand new customers.


A caresheet made by the H.E.R.P. is always species-specific, complete and up-to-date! These caresheets do not only describe the biology and behavior of the animals, but also what is necessary to properly house and maintain them.

For example, the caresheets contain not only the minimum tank sizes, the ideal temperature gradient and humidity, but also tips for solving problems, successfully breeding the species and decorating the terrarium. All caresheets are provided with sufficient photo material and species-specific information regarding the dos & don'ts of keeping.

Information Booklets

These information booklets or guidebooks contain a summarizing explanation on the correct husbandry of the animal species in question. For example, it recommends what you should look out for when setting up the terrarium, as well as the specific needs that need to be provided. The booklets also contain some 'did you know's and a list of recommended products. They can be completely adjusted  according to your wishes!

With these booklets your client has a nice base to go home with and he / she is encouraged to continue to inform him- or herself about the proper husbandry of their new pet.

Info Stickers

In need of some professional, nicely designed stickers for your store setting? This too can be arranged! These stickers offer a short introduction to the care of the species and guidelines to which one must pay attention when purchasing a new pet reptile. The temperature gradient, the recommended humidity level, the minimum terrarium sizes, the necessary permits or documents, as well as the nature of the species displayed are also mentioned on these technical sheets.

Caresheets, Info Booklets & Info Stickers


All these products can be fully adapted to your wishes. You can therefore choose to lay out and arrange everything yourself, as well as to put your own brand on the designs. Nevertheless, all of our products are protected by copyright and the distribution or processing of the works outside of the agreed restrictions is not permitted.

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