Services & Activities

Services & Activities

The H.E.R.P. is at your disposal for organizing various activities and fulfilling various services, including:

- Workshops for Kids with ReptiSchool & BugSchool,

- Exhibits on exotic animals on every 'scale',

- Guest lectures on different topics,

- Handling Practicals,

- Designing Caresheets & Info booklets,

- Animal (Friendly) Castings,

All activities are organized in a professional framework and can be adapted to your wishes. For more information about your preferred activity, click on it in the menu below.

Please do take into account that most of our services and activities are only available for customers in Belgium or The Netherlands.

Our services:

ReptiSchool & BugSchool are at your disposal to turn your school day, summer vacation or party into a unique experience!

Practical experience is a valuable asset! Introduce your students to a large selection of exotic animal species and the most common handling techniques.

Reptiles, amphibians or arthropods at your school, business event or your large-scale expo? The H.E.R.P. is at your service with the largest collection of cold-blooded animals in Flanders!

Do you want to give your customers some more information about the species you offer? We have complete and expertly arranged care sheets at your disposal.

Want to learn more about the exotic animal trade, reptile husbandry or the most common diseases? The H.E.R.P. is happy to be a guest lecturer at your college or university.

In desperate need of a reptile, amphibian or arthropod for your film or photo project? We have a huge selection of socialized animals to choose from and to ensure your project succeeds in an animal-friendly way.


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