The H.E.R.P. provides lectures and information stands for students, emergency services, pet stores and associations.

The lectures are given by true specialists in the field and are up to date, scientifically substantiated and accompanied with interesting, didactic material.

Guest lectures can have various subjects, ranging from the husbandry of cold-blooded animals to the problems of the exotic pet trade or threats to herpetofauna in the wild. If you choose a lecture by H.E.R.P., you can adjust the lectures and subjects to your liking to provide your students with the most interesting list of topics that complies with their specialty or study.

We ensure an appropriate and effective reading for every audience.

 Popular subjects:

- Exotic animals as pets in our society

- Introduction to the biology of Herpetofauna

- Housing & care of reptiles and amphibians

- Correct handling of cold-blooded animals

- Diseases: recognition and prevention

- National and international legislation


- Combination: Lecture + Practical

A general guest lecture is often combined with an extensive handling practical. During the guest lecture the handling practical is prepared and theoretically introduced to the students.

- Powerpoint presentation

The powerpoint presentations, which are used during the course of the lecture, can be delivered to the teachers in advance or during the lesson.

This is done in advance by mail and can then be passed on tp the audience.


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