Who are we?

The H.E.R.P. is the first educational center in Belgium on Herpetofauna.

The project is founded in 2015 by herpetologists Bryan Minne and Laura Ruysseveldt.


What do we do?

The H.E.R.P. functions as a consultancy center on reptiles and amphibians, organizes educational workshops on cold-blooded animals for schools and offers training and practicals for private keepers, students and professionals.

In addition, the H.E.R.P. manages research and conservation projects and organizes several Herpetological Expeditions to all corners of the world every year, open to the public!

What is our goal?

The H.E.R.P. was established with the goal of improving the condition of exotic animals in captivity and in the wild. We try to bring people into contact with nature and give everyone the opportunity to experience the excitement and beauty of these animals.

In addition, during our lectures and classes, we try to make our audience more aware of the presence of reptiles and amphibians in captivity and all the associated issues, including the advantages and disadvantages of the exotic animal trade.