Oh... Thank God! No scary snake photos!

Fear of snakes? It must have been quite a task to navigate through our website! But... You are not alone. Ophidiophobia is the most common phobia in the world. The fear of snakes can hinder you in many ways. Avoiding travel to tropical places or having difficulty visiting zoos are just some of the many issues...

Although it may sound strange, there is no need to be afraid of snakes! The fear of snakes is usually very easy to combat with the help of gradual exposure under expert supervision. Would you like to get rid of your phobia once and for all? The H.E.R.P. can help you out!

The H.E.R.P. provides very effective and quick anti-ofidiophobia courses. After one session you can already be rid of your fear of snakes.

Over a period of 1 to 3 hours, you are gently and slowly exposed to visual and sensory stimuli that help you overcome your fear of snakes. During the session photos, videos, molts and some live specimens are used to gradually accustom you to the presence of these long, kind, legless reptiles.

The session starts with an introductory meeting and flows entirely at your pace. It is no problem to interrupt the session early on, pause it or split it into several sessions if you feel you need to. You are in control! Some people are fine after 1 hour, while others still have to slowly go through the full session and make full use of the time we have.

Our anti-ofidiophobia course can be held at any time! You choose the date and time yourself. The session can take place in our (snake-free) meeting room or in the comfort of your own home.

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