The wildest of expeditions.

Our trip to the most uncharted region in India, Arunachal Pradesh.

This hidden, unknown gem in the far Northeast of India is riddled with dense tropical rain forest, inhabited by primitive local tribes. It is a place that is stacked to the brim with undescribed and undiscovered species, as well as well-known icons. This unique setting and the primitive conditions make Arunachal Pradesh our most intense expedition to date!

Travel with us to the land of the Apatani and Nyshi tribes, where we will share their humble homes and wade through their forests to find herpetofauna species unknown to science. Spend nights in jungle camps, hours away from civilization and share your surroundings with king cobras, Bengal tigers, Kaulback's lance-headed pit vipers, Jerdon's pitviper, monocled cobras and even the occasional red panda!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to REALLY get back to basics? How it would be to live with a traditional tribe? To be in the front line of discovering species new to science?

If this is your cup of rice, let us know! Join us to India!

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12 days

Local transport:

Private drivers (4x4)

What is included:

- All transport in India

- All accommodations
- Guides, activities, National Park entrances
- All meals + water

What is not included:

- Flights to India

- Extra beverages and snacks
- Travel and Herping material
- H.E.R.P. apparel and souvenirs
- Visas and ESTAs
- Insurance costs
- Vaccinations and medical costs

Primitive forest camps and traditional tribal huts.


Spots: 15

- No scientific background necessary
- Everyone with an age of 18-60 years old

(Older or younger than the age limit? Let us know!)




Extra information:

- English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch speaking guides.
- The group will mainly speak English.

- Information booklet with a detailed itinerary, packing checklist, information on necessary vaccines and medications, list of local species and much more will be distributed to all members once the expedition team is complete.





*Prices for private groups are always on demand


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