The world is at your feet.

Snakes are as well.

Every year we travel to some of the most remote corners of the Globe to search for herps in their natural habitats.

This brings us to some wild locations.
Far away from civilization, alone with nature.

Unprecedented travel.

Are you in?

Why would you?

1) We haven't been everywhere yet ... but we've been to a few places!

When it comes to herpetological trips, we have the biggest offer in the world.

2) Herping in group or in private.
On the road with a group of like-minded people or rather go at it alone? With us anything is possible!

3) As professional herpetologists, we know our trade.
You can count on us for an interesting talk + we are great company.

4) Not just scales and slime.

Tracking mammals, spotting birds, photographing insects and even scuba diving are on the schedule.

5) Every trip has a purpose. We take care of that!

Protect an area, help in the conservation of a species or support a research project. Your contribution will be used.

Our destinations

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United States