Consulting on Herpetology and Herpetoculture

The H.E.R.P. acts as the first consultancy company in the Benelux that specializes in Herpetoculture and Herpetology.

You can contact us for help and external advice regarding reptiles and amphibians.


The H.E.R.P. can provide consulting related to wild populations of reptiles and amphibians

Does your project affect wild amphibians or reptiles and do you need advice or an outside perspective?

Are you looking for help or support with a monitoring or study project in herpetology?

Contact us for a tailor-made herpetology consultation.

Herpetoculture: private keepers

You can count on us to help you with all of your questions related to the keeping of and caring for reptiles and amphibians in captivity!

Need care advice? Advies nodig omtrent verzorging?

Questions related to the proper diet, UV or supplementation for your exotic pet?Need help decorating or constructing an enclosure?

Looking for advice on legislation or permit systems?

We'd love to help out by mailing, calling or even a visit at your home.

Herpetoculture: professionals

In need of high-tech terrarium installations, naturalistic decorations for your enclosures or tailor-made booklets of information you can hand out to your customers? We help out pet shops, breeding facilities or shelters for exotic animals wherever we can!

Need help setting up or decorating the enclosures in your facility?

Looking for custom-made terrariums or fully equipped installations?
Would you like to provide professionally prepared, ready-made information or species-specific 'care sheets' to your customers?

Advice regarding general care or legislation?

We are happy to help you with our advice and products for professionals.

Consulting for private keepers:

Short questions by email or telephone

are always free of charge for private keepers.
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Longer video or telephone calls:

*Base price, per hour

Visit on location:

*Base price, per hour, excluding transport,

only possible in Benelux



Governmental agencies and emergency services

Official agencies and services can contact us free of charge by email or telephone for any inquiries or questions.

Fotos or videos for urgent identification can be sent through
WhatsApp on +32 472 93 97 73

Prices for businesses or professionals on demand.

For prices of herpetology consulting, care sheets, advice for professionals, planning a call, terms, conditions or more information, please contact us.